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Safe Driving Tips for Teens and Young Drivers

Driving Habits to Adopt to Improve Safety

Whether you consider yourself a good driver or not, everyone can benefit from adopting better driving habits. If you are a teen or young driver, you are in luck. The earlier you learn these safe driving styles, the more likely you are to retain them. The sooner you learn the good from the bad, the more likely you are to demonstrate safer driving habits on the road. This blog will go over some driving styles to adopt and avoid when driving.

How Can I Improve My Driving Style?

Some of the more basic skills you should immediately adopt are those that are probably taught during the first day of drivers education. Simply put, consider the following every time you get behind the wheel:

Person with two hands on a car steering wheel
  • Buckle Up (Driver and all passengers)
  • Look for & obey traffic signs and signals
  • Turn your phone on silent to avoid texting/talking while driving
  • Obey the speed limit
  • Be aware of workers and pedestrians near the roads
  • Always look & think twice before making a move (turning, switching lanes, etc.)
  • Always use turn signals
  • Practice the Blinker, Mirror, Blind Spot technique when switching lanes

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Defensive Driving Styles to Practice

It may be hard, but one key to driving better is to avoid distractions. Phones, talking, the radio, and looking at passing buildings are all distractions. Try to keep your eyes on the road, and always look at least 10-20 seconds ahead of you. This helps you stay aware of all the cars ahead as well as streets, intersections, stop signs, lights, and pedestrians. Try to stay about two car lengths or three to four seconds behind the car in front of you. This will give you more time to react if a driver ahead of you brakes suddenly. Be mindful of your blind spot and the vehicles behind you.

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Other Tips to Practice for Safe Driving

Drivers need to start practicing the art of patience. Though many of us live busy lives, there is no reason to speed or quickly move through traffic. Even if you are running late, take your time. It only takes a moment to make a mistake that can cause a serious injury. Work on obtaining the self-discipline needed to maintain the speed limit and follow the rules, even if you know you will be a little late to work or to that doctors appointment. Consider yourself and others when behind the wheel.

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