2018 BMW 3-Series Sedan exterior front side

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Used luxury cars under $25K in Jersey City, NJ

Have you always dreamed of climbing into a luxury car and being the envy of the neighborhood while cruising through the city streets feeling like the talk of the town? What’s stopping you from achieving that goal? Most likely you’re thinking about money, as premier automobiles often come at a premier price tag. That is, if they are new. What about going for a used luxury vehicle? While technology and the automotive world both grow by leaps and bounds, driving a luxury vehicle that’s several years old will still provide a great experience. You can get used luxury cars under $25K in Jersey City, NJ right here at Axis Motorcars. In fact, many luxury models are priced far below that $25K mark! Read on for more details.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE exterior front side

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What are the benefits of buying a used luxury car?

Driving a luxury automobile has long been part of the dream of a prosperous and rewarding life. If you have ever driven a luxury vehicle, you know there is nothing else quite like it. The comfort, the amenities, the technology—it’s all a cut above the rest. If you thought this kind of driving was out of the realm of possibility due to budget concerns, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still achieve this dream at a reasonable cost when you go the pre-owned route. What are the benefits of buying a used luxury car? Read ahead and you’ll see why it’s such a good idea.  Read the rest of this entry >>