Technician's hand inspecting the vehicle

Top Benefits of Regular Diagnostic Checks and Multi-Point Inspections for Cars

Importance of Multi-point Inspection and Diagnostic Services 

You’re on a road trip with your family, enjoying the scenic routes, when suddenly, your car starts making unusual noises. You realize the importance of multi-point inspection and diagnostic services as you scramble to find the nearest mechanic. Such unexpected issues can be avoided by staying proactive about your car’s health. Regular maintenance not only ensures your vehicle’s longevity but also keeps you safe on the road. We discuss this further in this blog by Axis Motorcars in Jersey City, NJ! 

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Front Quarter View of the 2019 Subaru Forester

Explore Value: Trusted Pre-Owned Subaru Cars

Get Used Subaru Vehicles in Jersey City, NJ 

Subaru vehicles are renowned for their rugged performance, unmatched safety features, and long-lasting reliability, making them a top choice for drivers seeking both practicality and excitement on the road. However, for many, the prospect of purchasing a brand-new Subaru may seem out of reach due to budget constraints. But fear not! If you want to experience the Subaru legacy without breaking the bank, you can get used Subaru vehicles in Jersey City, NJ, at Axis Motorcars.  

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Side view of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV parked near a river

Where Can I Find a Pre-Owned Chevrolet in Jersey City, NJ?

Used Chevrolet Near Me in Jersey City, New Jersey  

When purchasing a vehicle, many factors are considered, such as budget, reliability, and performance. Therefore, opting for a used car can be a smart decision, offering affordability without sacrificing quality. Please scroll down to learn more about the advantages of buying a pre-owned vehicle. Also, those considering buying a used vehicle can view our online inventory and car financing options at Axis Motorcars, our dealership in Jersey City, New Jersey.     

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Technician talking to a customer

How to Perform a Basic Vehicle Safety Inspection in Your Vehicle

A Step-by-Step Guide to Basic Vehicle Maintenance Check  

Keeping your vehicle in good condition is not only essential for your safety but also for the safety of others on the road. One of the best ways to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy is by performing regular safety inspections. Read below to explore a step-by-step process for conducting a basic vehicle safety inspection in your own garage. Also, those interested in buying a used vehicle can look at our online inventory and car financing options at Axis Motorcars, our dealership in Jersey City, New Jersey.     

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Customer taking a vehicle's test drive

Where Can I Find a Pre-Owned Lexus in Jersey City, NJ?

Used Lexus Near Me in New Jersey  

Lexus is a popular name that rolls out high-end vehicles. While purchasing a brand-new Lexus may come with a hefty price tag, opting for a used Lexus opens the doors to a world of luxury at a more affordable price point. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of buying a pre-owned Lexus. Also, those interested in a used vehicle can look at our online inventory and car financing options at Axis Motorcars, our dealership in Jersey City, New Jersey.  

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Fluid being poured by a technician

Why Does My Vehicle Need Regular Coolant Flush?

The Vital Importance of Regular Coolant Flush for Your Vehicle’s Health

In the intricate machinery of your vehicle, one component plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal performance and preventing catastrophic breakdowns – the coolant system. This system is often overlooked for regulating engine temperature and safeguarding against overheating. So, why does your vehicle need regular coolant flushes? Let’s delve into the reasons in this blog by our team at Axis Motorcars in Jersey City, NJ.

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Vehicle radiator heats up

Stay Road-Ready: Identifying Overheating Signals in Your Car

Five Signs Your Vehicle is Overheating  

Is your car feeling the heat a bit too much lately? As the mercury rises, so does the risk of your vehicle overheating. Keep an overheated engine from putting a damper on your summer adventures. Remember, a well-maintained vehicle is a happy vehicle. Don’t let overheating throw a wrench into your plans. Watch for these signs, and you’ll cruise through summer without a hitch. In this blog by Axis Auto Group, we share five signs to watch out for.  

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Technician working on a vehicle

How Often Should I Get My Vehicle’s Wheels Aligned?

Optimizing Your Ride: The Ideal Frequency for Wheel Alignments

Are you noticing your car pulling to one side or experiencing uneven tire wear? Chances are, your wheels may be misaligned. Proper wheel alignment is crucial not only for maintaining optimal vehicle performance but also for ensuring safety on the road. But how frequently should you schedule wheel alignment to keep your vehicle running smoothly? Read this blog by our team at Axis Motorcars in Jersey City, NJ, to find out.

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One red color car is running on the road.

Unraveling the Mystery: All-Wheel Drive vs. Four-Wheel Drive

What is the difference between All Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive?  

When choosing a vehicle, the age-old debate between AWD) and 4WD often leaves buyers scratching their heads. Both offer enhanced traction and control, but understanding the nuances can significantly affect your driving experience. Join us in this blog by Axis Auto Group as we look at the difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.  

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Automatic Transmission in a car

Budget-Friendly Choices: Explore Reliable Used Cars with Automatic Transmission 

Used Vehicles with Automatic Transmission in Jersey City, NJ 

Automatic transmissions have become a game-changer, making driving smoother and hassle-free. Picture this: You’re navigating through bustling streets, and instead of juggling between gears, your car effortlessly glides through traffic, allowing you to focus on the road ahead. Opting for a used car with an automatic transmission not only enhances your driving comfort but also makes practical sense from a budget perspective. At Axis Motorcars, we understand the importance of such a worry-free driving experience, especially when considering a used vehicle. That’s why we encourage you to browse our inventory of used vehicles with automatic transmission in Jersey City, NJ.   

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