A person with gloves on working under the hood of a vehicle

Do I Need New Spark Plugs?

Signs Your Spark Plugs are Going Bad

Though they are small and people do not think of them much, spark plugs are an integral part of a vehicle. Spark plugs are responsible for creating the initial power/spark that starts the vehicle engine when the car is turned on. When these parts start to go bad, you can begin to experience a few signs. You do not want to wait until your spark plugs fail to get them replaced. This blog will go over some of the signs of bad spark plugs and why you should get them replaced.

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A blue-colored 2021 Hyundai Sonata parked on the side of a street

Where Can I Buy a Used Hyundai in Jersey City NJ?

Used Hyundai Vehicles Available at Axis Motorcars

Hyundai is a brand that is known for having affordable and reliable vehicles. If you are searching for a used Hyundai in the Jersey City NJ area, you do not have to travel far. You can stop by Axis Motorcars today to view our selection of used Hyundai vehicles. If you find your schedule is pretty busy, say no more. There are other ways you can easily and quickly view our current used Hyundai inventory. This blog will go over how you can view our inventory and how you can start the buying or leasing process.

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