A man is cleaning the interior of a car with yellow gloves

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Interior Car Cleaning Tips

It is impossible to have an impeccable riding experience if the car’s interior is not clean and fresh. A clean interior is welcoming and exudes an aura of polished sophistication. When you buy a new car, you treat it like your baby. No matter how hectic your schedules get, your priority towards your vehicle does not get compromised. With time, you start taking it for granted. You start skipping its cleaning sessions. As a result, a car that looked fresh and shiny once upon a time turned into a stinky cabin. As a car lover, it is a complete nightmare. Do not worry. We are here to resolve your concerns by presenting you with a few easy interior car cleaning tips. Keep reading this blog by the Axis Auto Group dealership in Jersey City, NJ, to learn more.

Clean the Interior of Your Car Like a Pro

First, remove all the trash and debris from the car. There might be used bottles, cups, chips packets, etc. Do not forget to remove the floor mat before cleaning it. Floor mats are usually the dirtiest item in a car. Clean it with a carpet or upholstery cleaner.

It is vital to clean the interior windows and mirrors. Use a microfibre cloth and an ammonia-free window cleaner solution. Ammonia is harmful to interior plastics. Remove dust from the center console and dashboard. You can use cotton swabs to get into tiny spaces around vents.

The steering wheel is most susceptible to germs and bacteria. Use a disinfecting wipe to clean the steering wheel. Get a commercial leather cleaner to clean leather car seats.  For cleaning cloth car seats, use upholstery cleaner.

As the last step, vacuum the car’s floor to eliminate all the dirt and debris from your vents and crevices.

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Water is being sprinkled on a blue car for cleaning purpose.
Close up of a hand cleaning the interior of a car.

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