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How Do I Know if My Vehicle Needs an Oil Change?

How Often Should You Replace Your Car’s Oil?

If you are like most people, you do not keep track of when your last oil change was. Some people rely on the mileage sticker the mechanic places on the corner of your front windshield. Others just pop in and have their oil changed when they think of it. While everyone has their own method, there are some things to keep in mind about the frequency of oil changes on your vehicle. This blog will go over the ways you can tell if you need an oil change.

Way to Tell if Your Vehicle Requires an Oil Change


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Depending on what type of vehicle you drive and the oil used, going by mileage is a logical way to decide when an oil change is needed. Most owner’s manuals will tell you to have the oil changed after so many miles. As well, many mechanics recommend 5,000-7,500 miles between oil changed. So, when you get your oil changed, note how many miles you currently have. Then, add on the recommended number of miles to that number and that is how you know when to stop by for another oil change.

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For those that drive all the time or not so much, this method may be a good choice. If you are an avid driver, it may be best for you to change your oil with every new season. While you can still go by mileage, it may be easier to remember if you go by the season. For those that do not drive their car as much, it may take you a couple years to reach the 5,000-mile marker. It may be wise to have your oil changed yearly. Just because your vehicle does not get as much use does not mean that certain services should be avoided. You are still going to want to keep the grime and muck from forming with old, used oil.

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