Friendly Salary-Paid Salesman Speaking with Happy Client at No-Commission Dealership

What Are the Pros of No-Commission Car Dealers?

No-Commission Car Dealership in Jersey City, NJ 

Looking for a better way to shop pre-owned vehicles in Jersey City, NJ? At Axis Motorcars we do things differently with a no-commission sales floor and award-winning customer service. There are various advantages of buying from a no-commission car dealership, and in this guide, we explore some of those most prominent benefits. 

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Pros of Buying from a No-Commission Dealership 

  • No-obligation shopping experience 
  • Straightforward pricing 
  • Transparent vehicle history 
  • Overall better customer service 

Here’s why: In an ideal world, your salesperson would act as an automotive matchmaker. You’d tell them what you need, what you like, and how much you’re looking to spend, then they’d come back with a list of options best fitted to your lifestyle and your budget. But at traditional car dealerships, salespeople earn a commission for each car sold. The more expensive the car, the larger the commission payout. You can see the conflict of interest. 

In a no-commission car dealership, there’s absolutely no incentive to upsell, overcharge, or pressure you into a vehicle that’s just not right for you. Staff members are given a set salary, so they get paid regardless of whether you buy a pricy luxury vehicle, a budget-friendly jalopy, or no car at all. The result is a healthy sales environment focused on simply selling the car that satisfies the buyer, instead of selling a car that will earn the highest payout.

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2019 INFINITI QX50 exterior front side

No-Commission Sales at Axis Motorcars  

The Axis Motorcars dealership in Jersey City, NJ is your go-to place for no-commission car sales around the Greater New York City Metro area. And we don’t sell just any car either. Our inventory is stocked with low-mileage used vehicles, so you can shop from a selection of nearly new vehicles sold at pre-owned prices. The Axis Motorcars lot often hosts more than 300 used vehicles from many popular mainstream and luxury brands. 

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